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National Conference on Substance Abuse Examines Addiction and Mental Health

The Canadian Center on Substance Abuse (CCSA) announced its biennial national conference on substance abuse, Issues of Substance 2009. There will be a number of discussions and sessions surrounding several major topics concerning the substance abuse community. A primary focus of the conference is co-occurring disorders—namely the role of neuroscience, mental health and addictions, and how […]

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National Substance Abuse Conference Discusses The Role of Addiction Treatment Systems in Canada

At Issues of Substance 2009, over 13 sessions, The CCSA will also examine the role of treatment systems from a variety of perspectives, including Canada’s National Treatment Strategy (NTS) program. It is estimated, according to the CCSA, that only one in 10 persons requiring addiction treatment services actually receives it through the current healthcare system. […]

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Story of Family Members Suffer From Addiction

Addiction isn’t an individual problem. Addiction affects an entire community, both from a macro perspective and micro. As we have previously discussed on the Heritage Home Sobriety Blog, addiction affects every member of the addicts Unit–that inner sanctum populated by those who love you unconditionally. Brothers, sisters, parents, lovers, wives, husbands, friends, colleagues are all […]

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