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Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – July 1 Week

1. Psychiatric Comorbidities May Raise Risk For Sedative Use Disorder In Patients With Opioid Use Disorder Over half of the sample attained opioids through their own prescription, and 47.2% of patients with co-occurring sedative use disorder attained sedatives by prescription. ( ) 2. Locked Down And Liquored Up: Research Reveals The Truth About Australians’ Drinking […]

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Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – June 4 Week

1. Does ‘mommy Brain’ Last? Study Shows Motherhood Does Not Diminish Attention Mommy’s brain’ is a long-held perception that mothers are more forgetful and less attentive. A new study shows that mothers are equally as attentive, or more attentive than. ( ) 2. Stigmas Identified in Nurse Practitioners’ Attitudes Toward Managing Mental Health Conditions […]

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Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – June 3 Week

1. Even ‘Low-Risk’ Drinking Can Be Harmful It’s not just heavy drinking that’s a problem — even consuming alcohol within weekly low-risk drinking guidelines can result in hospitalization and death, according to a new. ( 2. Differences In Anxiety, Depression According To Current And Former Smoking Status Both stable current smokers and individuals who had […]

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